Welcome to SDP Advanced Polymer Products

SDP Advanced Polymer Products (SDP) is a sales & marketing company engaged in world class advanced polymer processing R&D, novel product design, and intellectual property development and commercialization. The founding principal of SDP has over 20 years combined experience in advanced polymer processing research, product development, product design, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

SDP is backed by a long and proven track record of technological innovation and commercialization of new to the world, category leading patented polymer products in the fields of building products and industrial packaging, with several US/GLOBAL patents granted and/or pending.

SDP combines keen marketing insight with advanced polymer processing technology, product design, and intellectual property protection to create advanced market "solutions". SDP leverages these solutions with world class marketing and global "best in class" strategic supply chain partners to provide truly superior value propositions to specific target markets, and ultimately, outstanding benefits to those who specify, apply, and consume SDP products.

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