Palisade Testimonials

"PALISADE™ walkability is excellent!"

Alan Jones
A. Jones Contracting Inc.
Fuquay-Varina, NC

"The contractors love PALISADE™. Its super strong and excellent to walk on."

Bill Brown
Sahlem's Roofing
Buffalo, NY

"PALISADE™ with STRONGHOLD™ has excellent walkability and we love the Kool Blue color."

Dan Phillips
Swede's Roofing
Cheyenne, WY

"PALISADE™ gives us better walking traction, especially when the roof is wet. I would highly recommend your product on ALL roofs."

Dave Stebnitz
Stebnitz Builders
Delevan, WI

"In the rain, we were able to walk on PALISADE™ up a 10:12 pitch! By far, STRONGHOLD™ skid resistant technology delivers the most superior wet surface walkability synthetic roofing underlayment we've ever used. The other brands are scary when wet.".

Paul Lacinak
Factory Direct Installations


"Weve tried many of the synthetic roofing underlayment brands out there. In the rain, we walked on PALISADE™ up an 8:12 and 14:12 pitch. We felt more secure than on 30# felt. We found PALISADE™ with STRONGHOLD™ to offer the best surface traction of any synthetic weve ever used."

Kootenai Roofing

"The best synthetic I've ever used; I love the STRONGHOLD™ skid resistant surface."

Mark Reid,
F&R Roofing Inc,
Champaign, IL

"The contractors love PALISADE™. Weve tried all the leading synthetic underlayments out there, and PALISADE™ with STRONGHOLD™ is the first synthetic that the contractors feel really safe to walk on."

Tommy Kincaid
Lifetime Metals
San Antonio, TX

"PALISADE™ with STRONGHOLD™ has the best footing traction of any leading synthetic weve tried."

Brett Van Dyne
BVD Roofing
Sparks, NV

"PALISADE™ with STRONGHOLD™ is the best synthetic for walkability weve ever used."

Tim Riley
Magnum Metals
Nettleton, MS

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