Stronghold Skid Resistant Technology

Stronghold Logo STRONGHOLD™ skid resistant technology* represents a quantum leap in synthetic polymer roofing underlayment surface skid resistant technology. Roofing, and particularly steep slope roofing, is always a serious safety challenge. Any underlayment product that can help improve safety while working on steep slope roofs is of tremendous value to a roofer: safefy first and foremost. Traditional asphalt felt underlayments can become slip safety hazards when wet, or oily and slick on the surface when hot, or slip safety hazards from tearing away from staples due to the very low tear strength. Granular surfaced underlayments offer better traction, but very often the granules become dislodged, and this can result in serious slippage issues as granules act as ball bearings. Granular underlayments have a much heavier weight per square, and will score/scratch expensive metal roofing systems. There have been several attempts at improving the steep slope skid resistance of polymer based underlayment surfaces, but none achieves the level of performance of PALISADE™.

Synthetic polymer film surfaced or nonwoven fiber layer surfaced underlayments aimed at reducing product weight and metal scoring are generally smooth or hard surfaced, but any smooth or hard surfaced surfaced synthetic polymer will become extremely slick when wet or dusty, regardless of coefficient of friction when dry. Without a strong mechanical interaction between underlayment surface and underside of footwear, water or dust will always result in a dramatic reduction in coefficient of friction; there is no mechanism to transfer the foot load past the water and dust interface layer and onto the underlayment. Dry skid resistance has little correlation to wet slip resistance. The real test for underlayment skid resistance is under more adverse surface conditions of dust and water.

Stronghold Surface Close-up

Utilizing advanced patent pending polymer processing technology, STRONGHOLD™ delivers the most advanced steep slope, 100% polymer based skid resistant technology on the marketplace today. A highly engineered raised surface profile pattern of soft and resilient rubberized polymer dots act as grip/anchor points underneath roofing footwear, allowing STRONGHOLD™ to deliver advanced steep slope skid resistance, especially in wet or dusty conditions.

Safety is the #1 priority in any roofing project. So go with the best skid resistant surface synthetic roofing underlayment product in the marketplace today. Choose PALISADE™ with STRONGHOLD™ technology.

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