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Environmental benefits of Palisade PALISADE™ A GREEN BUILDING PRODUCT
90% of the energy in the USA is generated by burning fossil fuels, which creates the air pollution (greenhouse gases) associated with smog, acid rain, and global climate change.
There are nearly 7 million freight trucks on the road in the USA. Freight trucks consume 35 billion gallons of diesel fuel annually, which produces over 350 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (C02), 40% of the oxides of nitrogen emissions (NOX) and 31% of the particulate matter emissions (PM) from transportation sources.

One single truckload shipment of PALISADE™ synthetic underlayment replaces 9 truckloads freight of 30# tar paper in terms of equivalent roof coverage! This freight generated green house gas emission savings does not even consider the additional freight mileage/emissions in supplying heavy asphalt (i.e. high emissions/sq roofing) to the tar paper mills, the added mileage from additional distributor delivery to jobsites, and additional mileage by contractors picking up 30# felt paper vs. PALISADE™. If one considers the entire freight/emissions chain from manufacturing to delivery to the jobsite, greenhouse gas emissions are conservatively 1000% higher for 30# tar paper vs. PALISADE™!
Buildings account for 39% of the energy and water use in the United States. By reducing the amount of energy needed to cool buildings, cool roof products help to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. PALISADE™ with KOOL BLUE™ technology is 5X more reflective and absorbs 8X less energy than black tar paper.

Member of the Green Building Council PALISADE™ helps designers, architects, and builders generate LEEDS™ points, and contribute to green building best practices. Homeowners have the knowledge they are specifying greener roofs and buying greener homes.

US Green Building Council

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