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Class A Rating
Roof on Fire

In today's world of heightened fire safety and liability concerns, building code standards committees, governments, building designers, engineers, architects, and insurance companies are continually increasing the fire rating requirements for residential and commercial buildings, and therefore, roofing systems. And since it is very common for homes and buildings to initiate burning from external sources (e.g. Boston & Chicago Fires) such as flames originating from adjacent buildings and/or flying embers (wild fires), the design of the roofing system, which includes the underlayment, is crucial to external fire protection.

Fire TestThe result is an increased desire on the part of building designers to seek out rated roofing products, and for manufacturers to deliver these product solutions to the marketplace. PALISADE™ is engineered with advanced flame retardant technology*, and tested to ASTM E108/UL790, is rated CLASS A for all the major primary roofing systems of tile, metal, shingle, slate, and non fire retardant wood shake. (ICC ESR 1847)

*US/Global Patents Pending

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