Palisade Synthetic Underlayment is 6 times lighter and 30 times stronger than asphalt felt.

Palisade SA-HT Product illustration
Palisade HT Close Up PALISADE™SA-HT
is powered by STRONGHOLD™ skid resistant technology* and represents the most advanced self-adhered roofing underlayment on the marketplace today.

*US PATENT 7,887,900

CAN PATENT 2,597,138

PALISADE™ SA-HT is the most advanced self-adhered underlayment on the marketplace today. Featuring category leading STRONGHOLD™ skid resistant technology, KOOL BLUE™ low glare cool surface (8x cooler than felt), 6 months UV exposure, 250°F HT & 20°F LT adhesive formulation, split poly release film, and tile foam bondable. PALISADE™ SA-HT is 40 mil, 2 sq/roll, and ASTM D1970 approved. Combine with PALISADE™ synthetic roofing underlayment for a one stop, ALL-roofing systems (shingle, metal, tile, slate, synthetic) solution.

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